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Groomsport Shines Bright:
A Festive Evening of Lights and Joy

On Friday, December 1st, at 7:00 pm, Groomsport village kicked off the holiday season with the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

What Made the Night Special?

The event, expertly organized by Discover Groomsport, it was a resounding success, drawing in crowds from the local community and beyond. The evening commenced with a unique glow-stick-lit service at the Parish Church, which was led by Rev Elliot Swattridge.

What Were the Evening’s Highlights?

After the service, the excitement continued as everyone gathered at the Presbyterian Church for the much-anticipated tree lighting. The switch-on was a spectacular moment, as always. The celebration didn’t stop there. The crowd then moved to the Parish Halls for a cosy gathering, complete with tea, coffee, and a variety of snacks.

Was There Entertainment?

Yes, indeed! Santa Claus made a special appearance, delighting children and spreading holiday cheer. Adding to the festive mood, the Symington Memorial Silver Band provided music throughout the evening.

The event was a treat for all ages. Children enjoyed a host of activities, including crafts and games, while adults savoured hot snacks and the tea and coffee. The night was filled with laughter, fun, and delicious food, including a crowd-favourite: candy floss.

How Did the Community React?

The Groomsport Christmas tree lighting event was more than just a switch-on; it was a celebration of community spirit and joy. It set the perfect tone for the festive season, leaving everyone with warm memories and a sense of togetherness.

Discover Groomsport looks forward to welcoming you all back again for more events in 2024.