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DISCOVER Groomsport

Discover Groomsport is run by a group of trustees whose backgrounds are from various roles. The trustees have in common their commitment to the well-being of Groomsport and will:
  • Celebrate and promote the advancement of the rich history and heritage of the village.
  • Help preserve Cockle Row Cottages and some of the other important heritage buildings in Groomsport and to contribute to making the village an attractive and safe place for residents and visitors.
  • Work to ensure that future plans and developments for Groomsport are consistent with its heritage and uniqueness.
  • Strengthen the local community of Groomsport by increasing community participation. C

Latest News!

This recap offers a glimpse into the moments that celebrate life in the village. As we look back on these events, we’re reminded of the strength and warmth of our community.